Auto Accident? Representing clients since 1979

In just the past 3 years, we have collected over $15 million through settlements and court-ordered judgments.

40+ years of experience

We will advance all trial costs and fees, if we do not recover damages for you, you will not be responsible for any costs or attorney's fees.

Experience you need. Results you want.

You will receive personal attention, and we will promptly respond to all issues arising out of your accident.

Our services

include the following

Negotiating and/or litigating your personal injury claim

Our primary responsibility is to make certain that our injured clients are fairly and adequately compensated for their injuries sustained as a result of the negligence of another person, even if that person is uninsured or cannot be identified.

Identifying quality health care providers in your geographic location

Based on our experience we have excellent relationships with many healthcare providers in the area. Our office can assist you with receiving timely and quality medical treatment.

Assisting with your property damage claim and rental car

We will deal with the various insurance companies involved, in order to get you up and running. We can also help arrange for a rental while your car is in the shop.

Assisting with Your No-fault (PIP) Claim

With some exceptions, this coverage applies to all people in a vehicle that is involved in an accident, regardless of who was at fault. And we handle it at no charge.

Assistance with obtaining an advance on your recovery

We have long standing relationships with reputable financiers who can advance funds in appropriate cases.

Contingency fee

We work on a contingency fee basis and we will advance all trial costs and fees. No recovery means no fee or costs to you.

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What to do in the event of a car accident

  1. 1. If there are any injuries call 911

  2. 2. If safe, take pictures of the accident and all vehicle damage.

  3. 3. Exchange information with the other driver and get:

  4.     a. The driver license

  5.    b. The insurance card

  6.    c. The vehicle registration

  7. 4. If the police arrived, request a police report

  8. 5. Call us for a free consultation